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Army of Heroes information:

Army of Heroes is actually a puzzle game that performs such as a mix between vintage classics Tube Dreams and Lemmings. You have not a lot of control on what goes on – changing the street junctions is really as involved as you get – however, many of the later maps use a number of different turning points and can get somewhat demanding because of this, specially when you’re needing to guide several soldier at the same time. To maintain things interesting there’s also stuff like teleportation gates (which magically travel anything that gets into to another area of the map) and enchanting portals that allow your systems to cross pathways. Although these three races are very prepared to combat and perish alongside each other, it appears they’re not too more comfortable with marching to conflict side-by-side and that means you must make certain to keep them aside during preparations. You will find 40 different levels to plough through, with each being more challenging than the previous – however, following the first ten roughly missions the real game technicians don’t change a good deal. The levels themselves are attractively modeled and filled with interesting details like swaying trees and shrubs and bubbling lava floes.

Army of Heroes Hack information:

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